Monday, December 15, 2014

Hunter Dec 15

Hello Hunter fans,
Today, by most accounts, was the best day of the young season. Brilliant sun, no wind, temps from high 20’s overnight to near 40 now. First time we had sun and decent visibility since last Monday except for a few hours on Saturday.
All that great 16 – 18” of new snow was groomed out to perfection and all open trails were consistently excellent – Kudos to Skip and the groomers. The entire front was open and groomed except Racer’s and Gunhill. Huega had a thin cover sign on it so I didn’t ski it.
Only Wayout was open and groomed on the west side but there could be a late opening of Claire’s if it softens up. It was a real ego snow day! The crowd was decent for a Monday but not enough for a lift line or the need to open “F”.
HBK, all of the Eastside and Cliff to Ike were really sweet. Great coverage for this time of year.
We are supposed to get some rain late Tuesday into Wednesday before it cools off again.
It is 1:11 pm and I just heard the patrol open Taylor’s and Claire’s.
Ski on...........

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hunter Dec 8 ski conditions

Hi all you Hunter fans,
I can finally give you some first hand information. It is a beautiful sunny windless but cold day with temps barely reaching 20. There is heavy snow making on Cliff, Bleeker, Ike, Eside & Wayout all of which were still closed. There were also guns blowing some great powder on the mid-station area. HBK was the best run today with nice hard pack on Hgate and super creamy powder from mid-station right on down to the Flyer. Minya was groomed but very crunchy, inconsistent and noisy. The only way out was down through Mossy which was very dark. They have no snow behind the top of B-lift so unable to cross over to Kennedy from the east side. The Belt was very consistent and easy but dark.
There were hardly any people which made it very nice and care-free. It was great for a first day out.
The storm should bring some significant but very wet heavy snow Tues- Thurs with predictions anywhere from 6 to 15 “. It will certainly not be conducive for powder skiing and not good for trees or power lines.
Drive and ski with caution.....
Jon Winter Storm Advisories

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hunter snow forecast Wed - Thurs

Hi All,
Just thought I would update you on the forecast for snow and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
Hunter re-opens on Friday Nov 28.
We are in the 8 – 12” area on the below map.
Be safe on the roads.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hunter Nov 20 - pre opening report

Hi All,
I just came from the mountain and tried unsuccessfully to get a run in on the main line so I could report conditions to you first hand.
I was told that HBK is smooth as silk with a decent base and width. Guns are blasting Hunter One and Mossy Brook today.
The groomers will be out tonight on the Belt. Currently 32 with a light wind and a hazy sun.
Only the main line (HBK) and the Belt will open tomorrow on the main mountain as there is no coverage on any other trail.
The season pass printer is still being worked on due to software problems and could possibly be working by late today or tomorrow. If not, you have to go to a ticket window for a day pass where they will have to check your name against the computer list of pass holders.
The weather will be cold and quite windy tomorrow then a slight warming trend up to Saturday night / Sunday with rain and mixed snow turning to all rain on Monday.
Hunter plans to close on Monday thru Thursday and possibly Friday of next week.
The cafeteria will be open for breakfast and lunch Fri – Sun.
Here we go.......  miss any of my reports check out the blog site:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hunter 11/18 update

Hi All,
Winter has arrived with an Arctic cold blast. Currently 21 and windy dropping to 12 tonight with gusts to 40 mph. It will not get above 30 all week.
Hope all of you with homes up here left some kind of heat on.
The snow making is intense on the Belt with top to bottom coverage – all guns blazing which I can see from my windows.
You may notice that the concrete “castle” at the top of the mountain has been painted a beige color and the protruding re-bar has been removed.
Van Winkles Bar and Restaurant in the KMC Hotel returns to a 7 day operation following Thanksgiving with a new winter menu.
Keith and Anita have requested that I advise you of their annual ULLR Fest (the sacrificial burning of a pair of skis to the snow Gods) and invite you to join them and all your friends this Saturday night Nov 22 from 6 – 9 pm in the parking lot behind their shop, “The Pro Ski N’ Ride” 518-263-5303. Refreshments, hot cocoa & cider provided along side a toasty bon fire – please bring a folding chair if you care to sit and dress warm!
Ski ya soon,

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hunter news 11/17

Hi All – It’s that time of year again!
Hunter has blown snow top to bottom and side to side with good depth on HBK – great job Bruce!  Today it is in the low 40’s and raining which is actually a good thing because when it all freezes there will be a great base. All the natural snow that had been on the lawns and in the woods is gone.
Snow making operations will resume early am Tuesday on the Belt.
Hunter still plans to open this Friday Nov 21 and should have quite a bit of terrain ready. 
For all you season pass holders, the new pass printer has arrived but it is not working. A tech has been called in to work on it and hopefully it will be ready by Friday. If not, I do not know how you will get passes other than at the ticket windows on a daily basis. A good portion of the parking lots have been re-surfaced (oil & stone) which is a major improvement. Let’s see how it holds up after plowing.
The Hunter Brewery (ex Fireside restaurant) is scheduled to open Thanksgiving weekend under new mgmt (again) – let’s see!
American Glory BBQ in T’ville has been open for a few months. The ambiance is great but I (and many others) did not like the food, service or prices however you can judge it for yourselves.
Sharpen those skis and hit the gym!
Ski ya soon,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hunter Season Passholder Party

Hi All,
It’s that time of year again and since I did not see any email to pass holders from Hunter on the party I will advise you that it is this Saturday October 18 from 1 to 6 pm behind the main bar in the base lodge. Guests are $15 each.
The mountain is also hosting its 4th and final October fest and a wine tasting event this weekend so expect a good crowd.
Weather permitting Hunter will try and open for the season around November 15 but don’t hold your breath.
Ski ya soon,