Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hunter Season Passholder Party

Hi All,
It’s that time of year again and since I did not see any email to pass holders from Hunter on the party I will advise you that it is this Saturday October 18 from 1 to 6 pm behind the main bar in the base lodge. Guests are $15 each.
The mountain is also hosting its 4th and final October fest and a wine tasting event this weekend so expect a good crowd.
Weather permitting Hunter will try and open for the season around November 15 but don’t hold your breath.
Ski ya soon,

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hunter April 9 - final season report

Hi late season Hunter fans,
The endless winter finally ends this Sunday when the mountain closes. Windham closed for the season last weekend. 
There is more snow on the slopes and in the woods than ever for this time of year with 41 trails still open and only a few brown & bare spots visible. Check out the photo below.
The nights have been below freezing preserving the base and skiing has been firm early but quickly turning very soft by mid morning. It is 47 now (30 this am) with very high winds that have forced the Flyer to shut down several times today.
It is mostly sunny with a few high hazy clouds. The NWS forecast:  shows some rain later this week but much warmer in general.
In other restaurant news: Curran’s Rest in T’ville has closed for good. Drew & Natasha (Country Store in Windham) are also taking over the General Store in T’ville.  Vesuvio’s is on vacation until April 30. Chicken Run, Bistro Brie/Bordeaux & The Prime in Windham are also closed for a few weeks vacation. Millrock open Thur – Sun until June when they close for a month. No further news on the Hunter Brewery opening.
Van Winkles will close April 14 –22 and re-open on April 23 at 3 pm.
Good luck finding a place to eat! 
In Hunter’s own words:
Saturday 4/12 & Sunday 4/13 will be that last weekend of the season, and we'll be open from 9am - 4pm each day, so come get your fill while you can!
2013-14 Other Mountains Season Passholders, Big Lift Card Holders and Value Passholders get special deals for the rest of the season! Gold Passholders, you can share the deal with a friend!
As this season winds down, we're a looking forward to next season.  2014-15 Season Passes are on sale now, Purchase by April 30, 2014 to take advantage of the lowest rates and our Easy Plan payment option! Get your 2014-2015 Season Pass here!

Reminder: Season ticket & locker prices go up May 1 so buy before then for next season! 

Have a great spring – glad to have been able to keep you informed.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hunter April 3

Hello all Hunter fans,
The reports have been excellent for spring skiing although many say it gets too soft in the afternoon. There are no visible bare spots yet but with bad weather predicted for tomorrow into Saturday that could change. The mountain has been empty for the most part. This Saturday is the “Gilligan’s Island” theme pond and deck party with a rain date of Saturday April 12th.
I was both surprised and pleased at how many of you fell for the April Fools report – you should know me by now! Mtn mgmt had a good laugh too.
I am going for reconstructive surgery (rotator cuff, labrum, socket glenoid bone and bicep) on my right shoulder on April 25 so I will be ready for skiing next season.
Two dislocations in 19 days was too much for it.
Get ready to P A R T Y!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hunter March 27

Hi All,
Finally some spring-like weather today with temps from 12 last night and high wind to a very sunny 40 now and no wind. Expect some unsettled mixed precipitation however over the next several days.
Skiing has been flat, hard and fast with excellent visibility according to those few who have been out this week. Pond skimming and the spring party are still scheduled for Saturday April 5th.
Many of you who use Central Hudson will be shocked when you get the latest electric bills. They have price gauged everyone this winter. I will include below the contact info for our local NYS Senator James Seward and Representative Pete Lopez for you to write email complaints should you wish to do so.  Complaining to CH will not help you.
Party on.............

Sunday, March 9, 2014

HUnter March 9

Hi All,
My intention was to write a glowing report about conditions on Thurs Mar 6 when all open trails were once again groomed to perfection HOWEVER a nasty spill and slide on Claire’s resulted in a separated right shoulder (2nd in 14 months) and a trip to Kingston Hospital in the Hunter ambulance where it was put back in place under complete anesthesia. Needless to say it isn’t working too well and an MRI is scheduled for Tuesday. Of course I am right handed so everything now takes a lot longer.  My season it appears is over so I will not be able to give you all first hand accounts of the trail conditions.  To further complicate my ability to communicate with you a brand new computer system set up I purchased to replace my 9 year old dinosaur was not functioning properly until today.
Having said that, the weather today is partially cloudy with a breeze and a temp of 30 with a few flurries around. There was a huge crowd yesterday for the Grand Marnier after ski party with temps holding in the low 40’s.
In other news: The managers of Slopes / Dublin Bear bar & restaurant which showed early season promise neglected to pay their lease so it was shut down by the building owners. I will try and get you an update / estimated opening on the new Hunter Brewery.
Be safe my friends,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hunter March 4

Hello all and a happy Fat Tuesday!
Today was an unexpected bonus day.  The temp dipped to a near record low last night of -9 and was only around 10 upon opening (warmer on top due to an inversion) but now 28. It was overcast and dreary but by mid morning it was really pleasant for a change. The sun filtered through the high clouds and there was no wind at all. Every open trail on the mountain was groomed to perfection and I was able to ski them all. Claire's and Racer's were excellent and in fact there was not one trail today I wouldn't take again. The mountain was empty - right onto the lift every time. Tomorrow may not be as nice but Thurs and Fri are both looking very good.
This Saturday Grand Marnier will sponser fireworks, a laser light show, a fire dancing show and a torchlight parade so be ready to party!!
Ski ya soon,

Friday, February 28, 2014

Hunter Feb 28

Hi All,
Last day of Feb - can you believe it?  March is roaring in like a lion! Brrrrrrr  -2 this am at the base and minus 9 at the top (without the wind) but now a heat wave at 15. The wind had died off after a wicked white-out squall last evening that left about 2" of snow in a half hr. Very strong sun today with a cobalt blue sky but it did nothing to warm things up - just made visibility great. Grooming once again was very good (except on the steeps like Racer's & Claire's) and the surface was corduroy powder on a rock hard base. The west side was very cold and hard packed - like skiing into a freezer - so one Rt 80 and done there. All front side groomed trails were flat and easy. There were no crowds at all.
The long range forecast shows unseasonable cold for the next two weeks.   The storm that is due on the east coast Sun into Mon according to the Albany weather services now looks like most of the snow will fall to our south in NJ, LI & NYC with maybe 4 - 6" here but this could change.
Be safe,