Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hunter April 2 - pond and deck party date changed

Attn all Hunter Fans,
The pond skimming and deck party have been moved to Saturday April 11 due to the expected cold and nasty weather forecast for this Saturday.
The soft opening of the Hunter Mtn Brewery last night was a huge success with a great turnout. The food and service / staff were excellent considering it was the first night. The ambiance was also very pleasant. The prices were reasonable for the portion sizes and everything came out fresh and hot. I would attach the menu except it is printed on brown paper and wouldn’t copy well so you will just have to stop in: Wed – Sun, closed Mon & Tues at least for now.
The temps last night got down to 20 but it is 48 now and rising fast making for some classic spring conditions. Mud season has begun. The weekend is not looking too good:
Party on.......

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hunter April 1

HI All,
Winter continues on the mountain top – no spring here yet. On Monday and Tuesday mornings we awoke to an inch of new snow that melted by late afternoon. The night time temps have been in the 20’s and daytime only reaching to upper 30’s however with sun and some wind. Skiing has been excellent with groomed granular conditions. The steeper west side trails usually open late morning.  The temp right now at 12:50 is 29 at the summit with a real feel of 20 and 40 at the base. The weather outlook for Thursday is good but it goes downhill from there on Good Friday and Saturday. Easter Sunday is looking good.  We are not done with snow yet. Hunter will decide tomorrow if the pond and deck party scheduled for Saturday will be postponed until the following weekend due to nasty weather predictions. The party was featured in today’s Daily Mail newspaper:
Here is the link to the Summit and base weather stations:
I can finally report that the new Hunter Brewery (ex Fireside) will have a soft opening tonight with an anticipated grand opening on Saturday. I have seen it and the d├ęcor is very impressive especially for this area with 20 beer taps, a full wine & liquor bar and great seating areas both inside and outside. I will check out the menu – pub food – tonight. It will have its own 4 craft beers in about 3 to 4 months.
None of the above information is an April Fools joke.
Ski ya around,

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hunter March 25

Hello all,
Crazy March weather continues to preserve the snow not only on the slopes but over the entire mountain.  It is all still white however that could change with rain and warm temps tonight and tomorrow. The base is still very deep for this time of year.  It is clouding up now.
The surface conditions have been loose and frozen granular but very flat as the excellent grooming keeps all trails very easy. The west (Claire’s) has been opening only in the afternoon as it takes time to soften a bit.
Temps at night have been in the low teens and single digits. This AM there was an inversion as the summit recorded 30 while only 14 at the base. It is now in the low 40’s on both the top and base. The sun has been brilliant for the past 3 days but the wind was a factor until today when it finally died down a bit. Very variable weather due for the next 4 days including warmth, rain, snow, wind and a return to cold.
Hunter has a few activities such as the Cardboard Box Slope-side Derby this Saturday along with several DJ’s starting at 1 pm: 
Make your preparations for this weekend! March 28th is the Cardboard Box Derby and Dummy Race! It's time for constructing your winning cardboard craft and/or dummy! Get all the details here.
Plan to party!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hunter March 19

Hi All,
Well it’s still winter here with temps in the mid 20’s, strong wind but lots of sun today. I did not ski but can tell you surface conditions were frozen granular, noisy but easy. Wind chills on top have been in the single digits for two days now. The Flyer was off loaded and shut down at 3:15 for mechanical issues. The weather outlook for Friday thru Sunday is not great with a chance for both snow, rain and a cold wind. Spring officially begins around 6 pm tomorrow.
No other news of interest to report.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hunter March 16

Hello Hunter Fans,
The “Ides of March” wicked winds and cold weekend temps gave way to a calmer weather day. It was 27 overnight but 43 now. The sun was great from 9 – 10 this am then someone turned out the lights. I mean the visibility /light was about as flat as it could be. The surface conditions were a very consistent groomed corduroy granular (sugar) on top of frozen granular. It was noisier skiing than I had expected. All trails were the same but for better visibility one had to be close to trees or rocks on the sides of slopes for any definition of the surface. I did not stay out long after the light changed. There were no crowds at all and not even enough people to put 6 on the flyer at once.
Thursday looks like the next decent ski day at least for a fair weather skier like me. Hard to believe that Friday will be the first day of spring.
Don’t even think of dusting off the golf clubs yet!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hunter March 11

Hi All,
Spring is here for a few days as mother nature teases us again with temps in the upper 40’s and above freezing at night. The firemen have been dominating the slopes this week although down in numbers from previous years. The entire front deck (with BBQ and a beer bar) was cordoned off for the firefighters and there was extra security to keep out the general public and booze. Many of the hosers chose to stay outside the deck at a few of the picnic tables and party with their own “supplies” – you can’t change the culture!  I was not out today but it was very typical spring conditions with a heavy snow surface and a mix of clouds & sun with a pretty stiff breeze. Tonight it will drop into the low 20’s and also for the next few nights with a nasty mix for the weekend.
The melting snow has turned the local streets and parking lots into mud holes as the water really has no place to drain. There is still a good foot of snow pack on the lawns.
This time of year roads & trail surface conditions and temps change dramatically from am to pm so be ready for it.
Ski ya,

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hunter March 9

Hi All,
Another glorious weekday to be out on the hill. Overnight temps in the 20’s quickly climbed to 40 with strong sun and a light wind (but very strong wind at the summit). The grooming was again excellent and visibility perfect. All front side trails were very sweet but Cliff/Racer’s I thought was exceptional. Wayout was still semi frozen corduroy when I went down it and Claire’s was closed due to not being groomed and it had a very shiny glazed surface. There were no lines and the slopes were fairly empty for such a nice day.
Grand Marnier was hosting its bartenders bash on the front deck of the lodge complete with a DJ and BBQ.   
The firefighters were starting to filter in for their two days of races tomorrow and Wednesday. It looks to be a great weather week to be outside and its about time!
I would guess that the lifts will stay open until 5 pm this weekend due to the time change.
Ski on..............