Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hunter Feb 25

Hello All,
Two exceptional days in a row to be on the slopes. The sun was stronger today but did pop behind some big puffy white clouds at times. The grooming once again was terrific with all main trails except Claire’s (wind blown & slick) covered with corduroy powder. There was a stiff wind today especially on top and on the west side. 44 remained wind blown shiny porcelain. Temps ranged from mid teens to 26 now. The Wednesday crowd was very light with no lines to speak of. In my opinion Rt 80 was the best today however there were no slick trails at all on the front side including Racer’s which was groomed last night. Gunhill was closed for race training but it really was not needed.
The crews were dragging the hoses off the mountain today signaling the official end of snow making.
Also note a concert this Saturday night at the Orpheum Theater per attached program: Professor Louie & the Crowmatix.
Keep the warm clothes handy,

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hunter Feb 24

Hello Hunter Fans,
It was a great day to ski. The crazy winds died down (wind chills yesterday made for a steady –35 real feel) and even though the overnight temps reached –12, by 9 am it was 6 and now a heat wave at 16. The sun was muted through high clouds but the visibility was excellent and the grooming sensational. There was actually a slight temperature inversion today. The mountain was a ghost town – I mean really empty and I enjoyed every minute of it having most runs all to myself – felt like a private mountain. Surface conditions could not have been any better. Every main trail was groomed corduroy  powder except Racer’s but that was still okay. The big surprise was Claire’s which was perfectly groomed top to bottom. Rt 80 (White Cloud / Wayout) was also a real ego snow run. The top of 44 was a glaring shiny white porcelain and it was closed as was Upper Taylors. I have got to say that I had one of my most enjoyable ski days of the year today.
It is going to stay cold (sub zero nights and low teens daytime) through Saturday with some flurry activity Wed & Thurs and not much sun.
February could break the all time coldest on record as it ends on Saturday. Hard to believe March 1 is Sunday. I do not believe that Hunter had to make any snow all month – also a record.
Stay warm my friends,

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hunter Feb 18

Hello all,
The last 2 days have tied a season record for midweek sunny days. Today brought a brilliant blue sky, loads of sun and exceptional powdered corduroy grooming on all trails including Claire’s. Temps were up from an early morning low of –5 to 23 now which feels like a heat wave. There was no wind, minimal lines for a holiday week Wednesday, and the “F” was running. It was ego snow top to bottom on virtually all trails. 44 was closed this am and it looked very slick.
Easily a top 5 day in anyone’s opinion. According to the forecast, that is the end of nice weather for a while. Some snow tonight then into the deep freeze again with below zero nights and single digit days for Friday and the weekend with more snow:  February is poised to set a multi decade record for cold here in Hunter.
Happy hour at VW’s will resume on Monday Feb 23. The Copper Tree re-opens on Friday for the weekend and you may want to try that steaming hot bowl of Japanese noodles.
Wishing all 150 or so of the NJ Ski Council people headed out to Telluride this weekend for a week a great trip! Hope you get some much needed snow – it’s all here this year!
Keep those extra layers handy and don’t put the snow shovels away yet. Hunter announced a closing date of Sunday April 12.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hunter Friday Feb 13

Greetings from the North Pole on this Friday the 13th.
All I can say is that I am very fortunate to be able to pick and choose the days to ski. Even though the sun is out it is not making a difference in the extreme cold.
The temp at the summit is currently –9 with sustained winds of 20 mph which makes the real feel –34. It is 2 at the base with strong winds after being –6 last night. Not for me! I don’t care how good the surface conditions may be but the wind must have certainly blown off any loose powder especially at the top. I can visually see many partially loaded and empty Flyer chairs. Wind will affect lift ops.
Expect the base lodge to be very crowded.  Movies:
Don’t forget you loved ones tomorrow on Valentines Day or you may be spending a cold night in the dog house.
Watch out for frostbite and bundle up if you go out.
Hunter posted the following:
Tomorrow is full of fun here at Hunter Mountain, on Saturday, February 14th, join us for a Vow Renewal Ceremony at the summit, get all the lovely details here.  Bear Creek Country Kitchens, the official soup of Hunter Mountain, brings you an amazing Fireworks show and live music from the Big Kahuna band. Cream of Wheat, the official hot cereal of Hunter Mountain, will be here with hot samples to warm you up. Monster Energy will also be here fueling you for that extra run. And we have Lola Granola bringing you all natural granola bars. It's a weekend that's packed with fun - see you on the hill! Get next weekend's details here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hunter Feb 11

Hello all you Hunterites,
Take yesterday and add sun equals WOW!  The morning started out chilly with a temp of 5 but now 30 and it actually feels warm with no wind and only some high wispy clouds. Grooming was excellent once again on all except Claire’s . I couldn’t say any one slope was better than another, front or backside.  Cliff / Racers (groomed) was exceptional and White Cloud / Wayout also great. There was a bit of a crowd today (the sun does that) and a line at the Flyer but no “D” or “F”. There was a mechanical issue with “B” which was closed late am and not sure if it was re-opened so that added to the Flyer line. There were at least 10 buses today. The weather for tonight and tomorrow calls for some snow with wind and colder temps then we really go into arctic weather:
Bundle up!
Hunter posted the following:
Get ready for the next holiday weekend at Hunter Mountain! President's Weekend is February 14-16, and we have great events and entertainment lined up! Enjoy live music at the Main Bar Saturday night with the Big Kahuna Band starting at 4pm, then enjoy the Bear Creek Fireworks Bonanza at 6:45pm! The presidential celebration continues Sunday night with the Front Street Band starting at 4pm @ the Main Bar. See you there!


Take your love to new heights this Valentine’s Day at Hunter Mountain! We are arranging for couples to renew their vows at the summit with a special ceremony.The offer is extended to any married couple with lift tickets or season passes and are able to ski or ride from the top of the mountain. After the “I Dos”, the group will warm up in the Summit Lodge at a small reception then ski down the mountain together..

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hunter Feb 10

Hello Hunter snow fans,
It just keeps getting better. Another foot of dry powder over the past few days nicely groomed (except the steeps) but plenty of fluff left to pound through. There is nothing like quiet squeaky powder without hearing the scraping noises.
Temps were steady at 19 yesterday and last night and only now climbing a bit to 29.  There was no sun today which was the only drawback but no wind either. Visibility was an issue with some fog on top but it has been worse.
There wasn’t a trail I didn’t like. Crowds were minimal with no lines and of course no need for “D” or “F” lifts. There is supposed to some sun tomorrow with temps around 23 but that’s it! There will be light snow Thursday and into the deep freeze through the weekend. If you thought it has been cold recently, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Sub zero nights and single digit days are coming for Valentine’s / President’s weekend.
Fireworks also on Saturday night at 6:15 and live bands both Sat & Sun starting at 4 pm @ main bar.
Forget fashion – dress warm for the slopes!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hunter Feb 5

Hello Hunter fans,
We had another 2 – 3” of a dusting last night into this am.  The sun with patchy clouds broke out around 10 am but brought some wicked cold and wind with it. Currently around 10 with strong gusty 15 – 20 mph winds at the base and 5 at the summit with a real feel of –10. The temp tonight is expected to reach –10 without the wind..... brrrrr. Today is the last day we will see any sun for quite some time as more snow is possible from Friday right through next week. I have not yet seen any accumulation forecasts yet. I cannot comment on surface conditions since I did not hit the slopes today. So far the winds have not affected lift operations.
I have tried the new hot noodle bar in the Copper Tree “Slurps” a few times and found it quite tasty & healthy especially on the really cold days. It is a bit pricy ($11.87 including tax) but worth it.
Hunter has posted the following for weekend activities:
Mingle with friends at the Main Bar Saturday, 2/7 and listen to live music from Third Rail starting at 4pm. DJ Frank starts spinning at 2pm. Saranac will be on site with samples and giveaways, so make sure you check them out - they're one of 100+ talented NYS craft breweries that attend TAP New York each year!
And for President’s weekend:
Get ready for the next holiday weekend at Hunter Mountain! President's Weekend is February 14-16, and we have great events and entertainment lined up! Enjoy live music at the Main Bar Saturday night with the Big Kahuna Band starting at 4pm, then fireworks at 6:15pm! The presidential celebration continues Sunday night with the Front Street Band starting at 4pm @ the Main Bar. See you there!

Happy trails,