Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hunter Jan 22 conditions

Hi All,
Today was dominated by flat light conditions so I did not stay out long. The temps ranged from a low of 19 to 29, no wind and only a few short periods of brightness. The surface conditions were exceptional with nice powder, no ice and a few trails with whale humps that were not groomed: Huega & Dropoff. The main line, east side trails and Cliff / Racer’s all nice. I did not make it to the west side. The “Z” lift was running fine. Snow making continued a few trails. The Police races were held yesterday &  today and the Firemen come in next Tue – Wed for their races. There were no lift lines at all. Racer’s is now groomed every night since it is among the most visible trails from the road and parking lots therefore the mountain wants to always show people on it. Someone in mgmt finally woke up.
The weather looks great for tomorrow with plenty of sun and warmer temps.  The 7 day outlook:
Ski on.....

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hunter conditions Jan 20

Hi all you Hunter fans,
Just another spectacular day and great recovery for Hunter after the heavy rains on Sunday and freeze on Monday. The guns were blasting dry powder on most front side trails all night and day making for some great western style skiing all morning under a sunny blue and windless sky. Visibility was excellent. Grooming was done where necessary like on Racer’s which was flat and fast. Every trail on the front side was in excellent shape as guns continued blowing.The west side was still closed since Saturday when the lift broke (electrical component failed and a new one is due to arrive here from Colorado today). The “Z”  lift should be running for tomorrow.  Temps today ranged from 20 to 28 now.
Crowds were very light now that college week is over (yay!) and there were no lines. No “D” or “F” as not needed.
I would expect some very sweet surface conditions all week.
In restaurant news: Numero Uno Pizza is closed and for sale as the owner suddenly and unfortunately passed away from what I am told was a heart attack.
This is the week to play hooky if you can.
Happy trails,

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hunter conditions Jan 15

Hello Hunter fans,
A new mid-week season record of two sunny, blue sky, no wind days in a row! Temps started out mid teens to now 24.
Give a word of thanks to ski patrollers and snow makers when you see them as they really have endured some harsh weather this season. They should receive combat pay for what they do.
Grooming was again excellent . New machine made snow in the form of soft whale humps was to be found on Minya. The main line was again powdery with some guns keeping things fresh. Cliff was flat and fast as was Racer’s. Ike was loaded with powder. Wayout was frozen corduroy.  Claire’s had heavy snow making around the doughnut  (no visibility) and was not groomed on the lower half. Westway 44 was still under the guns and closed. There were more than a few college kids here today and the line at the Flyer did reach to the back of the corral a few times when the lift stopped. No “F” or “D” again.
All other trails were flat but fast.  Friday looks to be cloudy and windy, Sat cold and sunny with a chance for a mix on Sunday.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hunter Jan 14 conditions

Hi All,
It’s days like this that any skier lives for – WOW! A top 3 day.
First off let me give kudos to Bruce and the snowmakers for such a great recovery from Sunday’s rains and to Skip and the groomers for an unbelievable job grooming the entire mountain – yes every trail (except of course LowerK which was closed). The sky was powder blue, lots of sun and no wind with temps from 13 to 23. The main line which still had some guns blasting was western powder all the way – soft, light and fluffy. Claire’s had the same conditions as HBK in the chutes with some guns blasting and was groomed to perfection. Westway 44 was under heavy snow making top to bottom and will be ready for the weekend. All trails front & back were, as a minimum, corduroy.  No “F” or “D” but no need for them either.
There was a very short line at the Flyer thanks to college week which for $39 and an ID gets a student a lift ticket. The weather outlook for tomorrow is sunny as well.  Wind with some snow expected Friday with slightly warmer temps.
Hunter is in its prime now with a great base and good snow making weather so come and enjoy it!
Ski ya,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hunter Jan 7 conditions

Hello all and Happy New Year!
The planet has shifted and we are now in the North Pole. Recovery is still under way from the heavy rains and warm 57 temps last weekend. The guns have been on around the clock but the strong winds are definitely hampering efforts to cover all the trails. It was 15 at the base and 0 at the summit this am with a strong steady wind greeting you as you tried to exit the chairlift. Grooming was minimal last night as only the main line was flat but covered with nice powder once one made the first turn towards Hgate. The very top was wind blown. Cliff, Ike, Minya, Lowercross, Huega all covered with big but soft whale humps. Gunhill was groomed.  The light was good until about 11:15 am when the next front and squall line started to advance on us. Someone turned out the lights - the winds really kicked in and the temp is on its way down to minus 5 this evening. The entire area is under a wind chill warning for tonight and tomorrow and they are talking about 30 below zero.  I did not venture over to the west side – too dark and windy but heard it was groomed.
Restaurant news: The Brewery (old Fireside) is still not open. Roseberry’s (site of the old Heartbreak / Hunter House) is now open 7 days from 4 pm with a restaurant & bar happy hr 4 –7. Karen’s Kitchen, located in the Hunter Village Square building across from the Village Hardware store is open for breakfast and lunch Thurs – Mon.  Happy hour 4 – 6  has returned to the hotel @ Van Winkles.
Bundle up,

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hunter Dec 23

Hi all and Merry Xmas / Happy Chanukah.
Rain rain go away. We have had no sun at all since Monday Dec 15. Although the light has been flat to outright dense fog on most days, the surface conditions have reportedly been good to excellent as much new snow has been made to recover from a previous ice & sleet storm. It has been raining all day so far and looks to continue right through Wednesday and into Thursday with some heavy downpours. The temps have finally broken out of the 20’s to near 40 now and forecasted close to 50 Wednesday. The top 2/3 of the mountain is in a dense fog and has been since yesterday pm. Colder weather will move in for the weekend and snow recovery will again commence.
Happy hour will be suspended over the holidays at the KMC.
Work on the new Hunter Brewery (old Fireside) is progressing and it hopes to open in early January however the liquor license has yet to be granted.
Wishing you all a safe and joyful holiday period.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hunter Dec 15

Hello Hunter fans,
Today, by most accounts, was the best day of the young season. Brilliant sun, no wind, temps from high 20’s overnight to near 40 now. First time we had sun and decent visibility since last Monday except for a few hours on Saturday.
All that great 16 – 18” of new snow was groomed out to perfection and all open trails were consistently excellent – Kudos to Skip and the groomers. The entire front was open and groomed except Racer’s and Gunhill. Huega had a thin cover sign on it so I didn’t ski it.
Only Wayout was open and groomed on the west side but there could be a late opening of Claire’s if it softens up. It was a real ego snow day! The crowd was decent for a Monday but not enough for a lift line or the need to open “F”.
HBK, all of the Eastside and Cliff to Ike were really sweet. Great coverage for this time of year.
We are supposed to get some rain late Tuesday into Wednesday before it cools off again.
It is 1:11 pm and I just heard the patrol open Taylor’s and Claire’s.
Ski on...........