Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hunter Feb 26

Hello all,
After a cold night with a heavy frost the base temp was 20 (not 30 as the mtn reported) and the sky was dark and cloudy with very flat light until about 10 am when some brightness emerged. There was no wind and the skiing was on a frozen noisy corduroy surface for a while until the temps rose (now 40) and more light filtered through the clouds. The snow softened quite a bit in a short period of time. Claire's was groomed last night and proved to be a hard, flat and fast run. Most of the front was groomed EXCEPT Minya, Dropoff, Gunhill and Racer's. It was all consistent hard, noisy and fast until about 11:30 when it softened. 
There were no crowds / lines at all and no "F" which not needed.
Hunter announced today a big weekend party for March 9 - 10:  

We still have plenty of fun coming up with the Winter Carnival on Saturday, March 9th, including a Paper Box Derby and a Dummy Race.  Get your creative juices flowing and think up your most clever creations- there are prizes to be won!  We will finish off the night with a torchlight parade and fireworks extravaganza brought to you by our friends at Grand Marnier. http://youtu.be/z1FVg9EWLhw
The weather forecast for tomorrow (24 hr storm) as you all probably know (unless you live in a cave) is nasty with snow, sleet, wind & rain predictions all over the place:  from 2 - 4" to 6 - 9".  Take your pick: 
I forgot to metion to those of you who have not been down Ski Bowl Rd lately that one of the last reminders of Hunter's hey days has been torn down - O'Sheas  a.k.a. Mahogany Ridge is now a pile of rubble.
I most likely will not be out on the hill tomorrow if visibility is poor as expected.
Be skiing ya soon,

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